Ryan Reynolds weighs in on Deadpool as a Christmas movie

as it turns out, dead list It might be the next Christmas classic. While franchise frontman Ryan Reynolds doesn’t confirm the genre shift himself, he does point to the direction of K-pop sensation and Twitter star Bang Chan. Throughout Saturday, Reynolds reminded those who were following him on Twitter that Chan was watching dead list And the photo proposal is, in fact, a Christmas movie.

“Did Chan just confirm the first Deadpool movie is a Christmas movie? Happy Holi-stays,” Reynolds tweeted on Christmas Eve morning. After someone pointed out that Deadpool only showed eight minutes of action in the recess, the actor bluntly dismissed any dissent by adding, “I reject that theory.”

Where can i watch Once Upon a Time in Deadpool?

Funny enough, Fox reissued it once Deadpool 2 In a new Christmas-themed PG-13 piece Once Upon a Time in Deadpool Shortly after the regular movie was released in 2018. The movie is now streaming on Disney+.

“Because it’s the season of giving, we’ll also be giving $1 for every ticket sold to F-ck Cancer, which will be renamed Fudge Cancer for this limited-time-only ad campaign,” Reynolds said in the original press release announcing the new. Cuts. “Fox has asked for PG-13 basically from the start in 2006. I’ve said no since 2006. Now, this time around, I’ve said yes on two conditions. First, a portion of the proceeds had to go to charity. Second, I wanted to kidnap Fred Savage. The second condition required some explanation…”

He is Deadpool 3 Will it be a Christmas movie?

After Marvel Studios’ latest round of delays has come round three dead list flick is now set to hit theaters less than two years from now. While it’s still a little early for the November release date for the perfect Christmas window, strange things have happened. Regardless, Reynolds has previously said that the film’s twist is what he imagines feeling like a cocaine high.

“Sometimes it’s the story,” Reynolds said regarding what draws him to the project. “I count ‘Deadpool’ 1 and 2 in that category, along with ‘Free Guy’ and ‘Adam Project.'” When you make movies with the people you love, that’s what I imagine cocaine feels like.”

Deadpool 3 iIt is scheduled to be released on November 8, 2024.

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