Hugh Jackman confirms when Deadpool 3 takes his place compared to Logan, reveals James Mangold’s reaction

Earlier this year, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman nearly broke the internet with the revelation that Jackman would reprise his iconic role of Wolverine in the future. Deadpool 3, something most Marvel fans thought they’d never see and not just because Jackman was adamant he wouldn’t return to the role. After all, 2017 Logan Wolverine saw quite a final ending, so the idea of ​​the character returning left fans with a lot of questions about how exactly the character and Jackman will return. Now, Jackman is opening up about his return to the role and confirming when Deadpool 3 will take its places in the public timeline — and revealing Logan Director James Mangold reacted to it, too.

“He was really cool about it,” said Logan. The Empire Movie Podcast From Mangold’s reaction. “I told him it happened before our movie, so he’s not going to mess it up, like tentacles sticking out of the grave. So, he was relieved by that, and he totally got it, that it was a really good idea.”

He added, “None of us wanted to spoil it and I was really proud of the movie and what we did, and it felt perfect and actually for five years, I was really honest I could tell you, I was like, that was it. It was August 14th, I remember driving and it felt like this It’s going to be a lot of fun. I’m probably going to have more fun with this movie than anything else, and on August 13 I was like, ‘Don’t play that part again.'”

What is the Deadpool 3 About?

We don’t have official details on what the plot of the movie will be, and even how it will tie itself into the Marvel Cinematic Universe and 20th Century Fox X-Men movies. However, Reynolds himself may have poked fun at the film’s plot at a moment when he may have thought the film wasn’t going to be made. In January 2021, Reynolds tweeted the following: “It’s important to have open, honest, healthy discussions about mental health. By retweeting #BellLetsTalk you can make a difference,” Reynolds tweeted at the time. In case that wasn’t enough, before Disney bought Fox, Deadpool 3 It’s going to be a wild ride between Deadpool and Logan. Rashomon style. genuinely.”

For those unaware, Reynolds by “Rashomon style” is referring to the 1950 Japanese film directed by Akira Kurosawa in which the same story is told from the viewpoints of several different characters. To that end, it seems like the road trip would have shown Deadpool and Logan’s different perspectives on whatever they were experiencing; To bet on Guess, Comic vs. Dark and Thinking.

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