Kim Kardashian Admits To Crying ‘It’s Really F*** Ing Hard’ To Protect His Kids From Kanye West Drama

Kim Kardashian has been keeping her distance from addressing the public Kanye West’Recently, however, she has spoken out about the struggle protecting their children from all that is said so they don’t get involved in the messy behavior.

Kim Kardashian was recently interviewed on “Angie Martinez IRL” and she talked at length about her ups and downs. Co-parenting with someone who is constantly making headlines Mostly from all media that have a celebrity section.

Kim Kardashian does everything she can to protect her children

While talking to Martinez, Kim addressed what it’s like to deal with things beyond her control And responsibilities, like Balenciaga’s slavery scandal that had nothing to do with the campaign but still had to take a stand.

Kardashian has also stated that the public wants a specific response or else they will hold her accountable for not supporting the cause, like when people wanted her to say “f**k Balenciaga” and cancel itHowever, she responded differently.

Kim Kardashian sings along to Kanye’s music with her children

When she talks about her family and how her kids have been, she claims that when they are in the car she wants to listen to them Kanye West She had to sing with them and pretend nothing happened until they were dropped off at school.

Kim Kardashian remembered her father during the interview

While talking about her childhood, Kim Kardashian burst into tears as she remembered her father, Robert Kardashian, and hoped her children would have great memories of her and what she does to protect them.

The billionaire shared that she hopes her kids North, Chicago, Saint and Psalm will thank her in the future for not speaking ill of Kanye West.


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