Sonic Frontiers producer teases more Sonic the Hedgehog news in 2023

Sonic the Hedgehog had a great year in 2022 with a new game, movie, and TV show released in the same year, and as some might expect, Sega has even more planned for 2023. Takashi Iizuka, Game Developer Who Served On Producer acoustic boundariesreferenced recently in an interview where he teased a “second wave” of Sonic-related announcements for next year to keep the momentum going, though we naturally don’t have specific teasers as to what’s to come in 2023.

Iizuka spoke with Famitsu (Through Jimatsu) in an end-of-year conversation about the ambitions and goals that different developers hold until 2023. Iizuka, a developer who has worked on several Sonic the Hedgehog projects over the years, was among those who were spoken to. He listed some of Sonic the Hedgehog’s successes this year while stirring up what he referred to as a “second wave” for Sonic fans to look forward to.

“Last year was the biggest year in Sonic history, starting with the movie sequel, followed by the release of the new “Sonic Origins” and “Sonic Frontier”, and the Netflix animated film “Sonic Prime” by DeepL, Iizuka said. “This year, We are getting ready to continue the momentum and create a second wave that will delight our fans. We’ve already announced additional content distribution for “Sonic Frontiers”, but there’s more to come, so please stay tuned. “

In 2023, we already know that acoustic boundaries He will get more post-launch content just like Iizuka pointed out in his comments. The game has already been getting DLC ​​since its release not too long ago, but the recently released roadmap indicated that Sonic Team still has a lot in mind for the game.

There’s also what’s new sonic the hedgehog 3 A movie we’re looking forward to, but that won’t be released until 2024. Paramount announced the movie’s release date this year and said the third Sonic movie will be released on December 20, 2024, so Sonic fans will have a while to wait between now and the time the movie comes out.


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