Will Muschamp pictured at Kirk Herbstreit 30 years after UGA-Ohio State

Nearly three decades after Ohio State and Georgia met for the first time, Will Muschamp is still partying and taking pictures at the Buckeyes.

College football players don’t graduate and college football never ends. Will Muschamp is a great example of this and he still gloats over the iconic win he was a part of 30 years ago.

Long before he was the Athens People’s Defensive Coordinator, Muschamp was a walking powerhouse defensive back for the Georgia Bulldogs. During Muschamp’s tenure as a safety for the Bulldogs, he had to be a part of some very special teams, including the Georgia team that pulled off a 21-14 win over the Ohio State Buckeyes in the 1993 Citrus Bowl.

Muschamp clearly has a lot of fond memories of that contest and he’ll tell everyone about it, including ESPN’s Kirk Herbstreit.

Will Muchamp reminds Kirk Herbstreit of the 1993 Citrus Bowl with a perfect quote

While Muschamp and the Bulldogs celebrated an impressive win, Herbstreit was on the other side with the Buckeyes as they suffered a loss on one of college football’s biggest stages.

And of course, Muschamp wants to make sure Herbstreit remembers that game. When Muschamp was holding a press conference to discuss the upcoming game between the Bulldogs and Buckeyes, Muschamp threw that thorn into Herbstreit’s football-throwing ability.

Muschamp’s gloating video here is absolutely perfect, too.

College football is the ultimate sport and Muschamp will always be able to show off that win. Unless Ohio State beats Georgia in the playoffs this season. Then Herbstreit will have a little fun.

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