’s 2022 Gold Edition Award for Best Picture

2022 was the year Hollywood tried to get things back to normal. It seems that audiences are more excited than ever to return to cinemas after the billion dollar success Spider-Man: No way homeNot to mention the constant need for distraction, there was so much to watch from people they expected to entertain and so many surprises none of us could have expected. Whether it’s a horror movie that has hidden everything about itself from trailers to hundreds of years in the past, and Tom Cruise’s latest action spectacle, there probably hasn’t been a better selection of eclectic films released in some time.’s 2022 Gold Edition Award for Best Picture is proud to present a winner from this group of excellent nominees, which includes the latest entry in predator franchise with the departure of the Hulu franchise, victim; The long-awaited legacy sequel that’s been waiting in the wings, Top Gun: Maverick; Surprise, horror struck fleeing from the mouth, barbaric; multiverse, multispecies mind bender, Everything is everywhere at once; And the latest Jordan Peele movie, the massive horror of Hollywood, No. But only one movie could be Golden Issue’s best movie of 2022.

and Winner of the 2022 Golden Issue Award for Best Featureā€¦


Everything is everywhere at once!

Earlier this summer, Marvel Studios confirmed that its next three phases of movies and shows will be themed to “The Multiverse Saga,” something fans saw particularly in Loki, what if…? Spider-Man: No Way Home. And the Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. The problem, though, is that this A24 movie from Daniels’ directing team manages to completely outsmart every creative decision Marvel Studios makes regarding the possibilities of the multiverse and the unique ideas found in the concept.

Everything is everywhere at once It also manages to take the vast potential of the multiverse and fit it into a story about family, thanks in large part to Michelle Yeoh’s stunning performance as Evelyn Quan Wang, a character whose place in an ordinary world becomes not just an anchor for the whole thing but hammers home its messages. Yoh is surrounded by an army of iconic characters at her side including Stephanie Hsu as her daughter Joy, channeling the millennium’s fury in a way few have done on screen all year; and Ke Huy Quan’s return to the big screen, playing her husband Waymond with just the right amount of sincerity that ensured this former child actor was a star all along. Even with the amazing trio serving as the primary version of their characters, they are all able to expand themselves and show their range by playing other versions of these roles from across the multiverse. Special shout out to Waymond and Evelyn’s version of looking cute after the movie premiere in Hong Kong.

Central to everything Everything is everywhere at once is what writers/directors Daniel Scheinert and Daniel Kwan managed. Not only does this movie touch on every juvenile joke from the middle school locker room, but it balances it out with unique fight choreography that never feels like the stale, intense drama that is the basis of it all. Daniels’ movie is one we’ll be talking about for years, not only for how his unique take on the material outperformed other titles with a 100 times budget, but his boundless creativity demonstrated the power of movies in all shapes and genres in one place. And here’s why Everything is everywhere at once is the Best Movie of the 2022 Gold Edition Awards.

Congratulations to the cast and crew Everything is everywhere at once At the Golden Issue Awards!

The nominees for Best Film are:

  • barbaric
  • Everything everywhere at once – a winner
  • No
  • victim
  • Top Gun: Maverick



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