Johnny Depp is said to be falling back into old habits and ruining his career comeback

Johnny Depp He had a complicated 2022 with the trial he kind of won against Amber Heard, one would think he would act after getting such negative press. Even before the trial, there had already been many reports of Johnny’s specific behavior and how he had become a problem lately. We all thought he was overly stressed because of the issues he had with his ex-wife but he seems to be the same old Johnny. According to a report by The Daily Beast, Depp was treating co-workers just as horribly as before the trial.

This report confirms that during the filming of “Jeanne du Barry” where he plays Louis XV, Depp was extremely rude towards director/co-star Maywen Le Pescot. Actor Bernard Montiel is the one who exposed these rumors during a French talk show, “Touche pas a mon poste!” (Don’t Touch My TV!) Back in October. The actor revealed that Depp and the director clashed throughout the entire shoot. With Johnny Depp back to his old habits. Keep in mind that the actor has already been sued for verbal violence against another co-worker on a different set.

Montell revealed the following revelations: “I did hear some noises from the shoot, pretty serious stuff. So, [Depp is] Excellent actor, when he comes on set, except sometimes at 6 in the morning, the crew is ready, no one shows up. Of course, Mawen, the director, gets angry, and the next day she’s the one who doesn’t show up. And you have Johnny Depp and she’s not there. finished, during this week, [but] It’s going very badly. they don’t progress at all; They’re yelling at each other all the time.”

Johnny Depp’s diva-like behavior is infamous

inside ‘Pirates of the Caribbean‘, Johnny Depp became infamous for constant delays and other complaints. In an article for The Hollywood Reporter from 2017, they revealed that Johnny Depp had excessive drinking problems, physical fights with Amber Heard and constant lag on the set that left hundreds of extras waiting for hours at a time. Although, producer Jerry Bruckheimer came to his defense after these reports by mentioning the amount of stress Depp was under at the time. Now that he didn’t seem to be under such pressure, he fell back into his old habits again.


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