The Attack on Titan Exec gives a year-end update on the final season

Next year, the Scout Regiment story will finally come to an end with Studio MAPPA’s animated adaptation The attack on the Giantsand although the exact release date of the final episodes has not been revealed at this point, it is one of the most anticipated anime events in 2023. Now, an executive behind one of the most important parts of the series has revealed that a major part of the TV series has been completed, Which gives audiences an idea that the final episodes are going well in their finale.

When we last left the Survey Corps, they had to form a new team in opposition to Eren Jaeger and inherit the power of the Founding Titan, unleash an army of giant titans, and aspire to wipe out all those who live beyond the borders of Paradise. With the Scout Regiment having to make some tough choices trying to stop Eren, Mikasa, Armin and company from killing former friends to obtain an airship that would bring them face to face with the current Founding Titan. In the final episodes of the anime series, expect one of the series’ biggest battles to occur and an ending that is still considered controversial to this day.

ending on Titan

Twitter Outlet Attack on Fans shared the news that sound director Masafumi Mima has stated that sound planning has been finalized for The attack on the Giants The final episodes, which will see the Scout Regiment give everything they’ve got in an effort to take down their former friend in this terrible scenario:

Studio MAPPA is set to have a major year in 2023, as The attack on the Giants It is just one of the many projects they are currently working on. Next year will see MAPPA take over Vinland Saga For its second season, Back To Jujutsu Kisen For the second season and the launch of the new bloody anime series, Hell’s paradise. The production house is also working on an original movie titled Illusion Factory Alice and Theresewhile there have also been rumors that MAPPA will be diving into a fan-favorite anime movie next year to boot.

Are you ready for the Survey Corps to finish its brutal tale next year? Feel free to tell us in the comments or hit me up directly on Twitter @EVComedy to talk all things comics, anime, and the Titans universe.


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