’s 2022 Gold Edition Award for Best Post-Credits Scene

After the past few years of ups and downs due to the COVID-19 pandemic, 2022 has seen the world of blockbusters return with a bang. The past twelve months have brought a wide variety of beloved franchises to the big screen, delivering heart-stopping moments and shocking revelations. In the past decade, a lot of these revelations have happened through mid-credits or post-credits scenes, which have left fans very hoarse as they walked off the stage. That’s why this year’s Gold Edition Awards—which celebrate our favorites from 2022—decided to honor the best post-credits scene of the past year.

And the winner of the 2022 Golden Issue Award for Best Post-Credits Scene is…

Black Adam!

Anyone who’s passively followed Black Adam’s journey to the big screen – namely, franchise star and producer Dwayne Johnson’s efforts to get the spinoff film – has probably heard comments about Superman. For years, Johnson has hinted at his take on Shazam! She’ll be up against family heroes strong enough to rival the Man of Steel himself, something that’s been hinted at intermittently in previous DC comics. The potential rivalry has even found its way into animated family fare DC League of Super-Pets during the summer, with its own post-credits scene showing an encounter between Superman, Black Adam, and their pet dogs. But with production on Black Adam under way, the live-action DC universe that surrounded him seemed to be in flux, with Superman actor Henry Cavill not reprising his role for screen since 2017. Justice LeagueDespite years of fans hoping for his return.

by the time Black Adam In fact, it premiered in late October of 2022, where speculation surrounding a cameo from Cavill’s Superman reached a fever pitch, something Johnson’s own comments seemed to fuel. And sure enough, the final frames were delivered for Black Adam – after receiving a hologram warning from Amanda Waller (Viola Davis) about the people who could stop him if he left his nation in Trench, Superman Cavill arrives, telling him they need a talk. Not only has the years-old wish come true in this specific crossover, but Cavill’s Superman is back in style, complete with the iconic curls in his hair and John Williams’ Superman: The Movie subject in the background. Even if it took years to see Johnson and Cavill’s characters actually bicker on screen, in that brief moment, it seemed as if disparate parts of the past and future of the DC Universe were about to come together in the future.

Certainly, that hasn’t been proven since then, with new DC Studios CEOs James Gunn and Peter Safran building new plans for the entire franchise – plans already confirmed not to immediately involve Johnson Black Adam, and include reboots and remakes. Superman was not portrayed by Cavill. But behind the scenes, the hope and excitement that audiences felt while watching them is changing Black AdamThe post-credits scene will always be something special.

The nominees for Best Post-Credits Scene are:

  • Superman Returns (Black Adam) – winner

  • Shuri meets Toussaint (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever)

  • Clea arrives (Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness)

  • hedgehog shadow (sonic the hedgehog 2)

  • Hercules (Thor: Love and Thunder)


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