Kim Kardashian was criticized for keeping her dogs in her garage after the video emerged

Kim kardashian Two Pomeranians named Sushi and sakeher daughter North West He is the person who spends the most time with them. In a recent video uploaded to it Tik Tok The account, we can see the accommodations for each of the pups in what appears to be a garage. Nothing out of the ordinary so far but then Kardashian Delete the video from her account. A strange move, we finally learned why it happened. Apparently Kim doesn’t want people to know that she keeps her two dogs in a garage.

Although the accommodation seems luxurious for two dogs, Kim K I decided to delete that daughter’s video North West Also posted on her account. In the photo we can see small dog beds and even their own birthday tree but Kim doesn’t want people to see that. Twitter and Instagram users were quick to lash out, claiming such a sexy person had the means to accommodate their dogs in a better space. Others weren’t so quick to judge saying that the dogs seem to take good care of their Christmas tree and all.

Should Kim Kardashian take better care of her dogs?

As far as we know, there is nothing wrong with accommodating your pets inside a garage. If there is enough space and it can be covered from the cold, they can have a comfortable environment without any problems. Pomeranian They are small breeds that tend to like the inside more than the outside. Especially during the winter, they often love to stay with their owners and play indoors. But casual Twitter Users will always come after millionaires who don’t have the highest level of luxuries possible for their pets when they live a life full of them.

Regardless Kim kardashian He does, everything will be criticized and closely monitored to find the most insignificant imperfection. Both Sushi and sake They live pretty big with one of the most famous families in the world, and they’re doing just fine. However, people who are extreme in the way they treat their animals will always find something to complain about. However, there are new ways to take better care of your pets than leaving them inside a garage.


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