Missing Kanye West? His former manager could not find him to sue the rapper

aAfter various controversiesHe’s been involved for the past few weeks, and Kanye West is nowhere to be found. Or at least he didn’t appear before his former business manager, Thomas St. John, who was trying to provide him with legal documents.

Saint John told a court hearing that he could not find the rapper for weeks and sues him for breach of contract. The businessman claims that Kanye agreed to pay him a monthly power of attorney, however Since the two had an “aggressive” meeting, West stopped paying him.

St. John was the chief financial officer of a company owned by Yi

Before things went south, the two had a good friendship and working relationship, so much so West asked him to be the CFO of Donda, one of his companiesfor which St. John would collect a monthly power of attorney of $300,000.

St. John needed a guarantee that West would not abruptly abandon the business relationship, in addition to the financial costs and risks associated with being committed to him as a client. But Mr. St. John offered to settle a contract of at least 18 monthsThe lawsuit, which cannot be filed against Kim Kardashian’s ex-husband.

West’s financial problems worsened

This lawsuit is another financial problem facing Kanye, who has been witnessing his business and income for months It dropped dramatically after he publicly made anti-Semitic and offensive comments.

Other problems he has are the child support that he has to pay Kardashian after their divorce, in addition to the problems He funded some repairs to his home in Malibu.

It was Kanye West’s net worth From $6.6 billion to about $400 million after severing ties With companies like GAP and Adidas.


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