2022 ComicBook.com Gold Edition Award for Best TV Series

While it’s easy to think of 2022 as a challenging time for content on the small screen, as movie theaters bounced back with blockbuster blockbusters and streaming services that ruthlessly cut series, but even with those complexities, there were a number of standout series to celebrate this year. year. Between the long-awaited return of beloved series, the continuation of projects that fly under most viewers’ radars, or the debut of all-new stories in iconic universes, it seemed like every week, new and completely diverse stories dominated the social media conversations for fans to dive into. ComicBook.com’s Gold Edition Awards celebrate achievements made on television and honor the best TV series of the year.

and Winner of the 2022 ComicBook.com Golden Issue Award for Best TV Series…

Star Wars: Endor!

Of all the different Star Wars projects that have been announced over the years, Andor is arguably the least exciting newest. while Rogue One: A Star Wars Story A hit with fans, the nature of it being a prequel meant audiences weren’t quite as excited about this same movie getting a sequel, especially since we learned that all of the characters died at the end of this movie. In fact, it’s largely due to these humble and humble origins that have allowed the series to be a truly unexpected and thrilling adventure.

Showrunner Tony Gilroy has often expressed that he doesn’t have much respect for the galaxy far, far away, and that while the series will include easter eggs, his lack of awareness of the franchise in general means we shouldn’t expect the “fan service” that Star Wars projects have provided. other. Instead, we got a closer experience of his work Michael Clayton Or the Jason Bourne films, where the Star Wars elements become the least compelling elements of the experience.

The whole ordeal caught up with the worst day of Cassian Andor’s life, as he found himself in a no-win situation where he had to decide between his future or that of the security officers. His quick thinking pushed his hand and plunged into the rebellion more deeply than he ever intended, showing audiences how heroes do not always bear moral conviction and are indecisive and the result of self-centered choices. Throughout the season, Diego Luna has given audiences a wrenching performance as a character who, with every small decision offering him short-term safety, runs deeper into opposition to the Galactic Empire.

On the other side of the spectrum, Cyril Karn’s Kyle Soller and Dennis Gough’s Dedra Miro explore the same scenarios Cassian finds himself in, but from positions of power. These characters weren’t exactly evil, as their daily missions came from places of protecting their fellows and showing off their special talents, with every little decision rooting them in fascist organisations. Whereas the majority of Star Wars stories paint in broad strokes, with the heroes’ heroism a reflection of the adversaries’ treachery, Endor lived entirely in grey; Not only was Andor morally superior to those around him, he just had a stronger will to survive at all costs.

Longtime fans of the franchise may have expressed frustration with how this was done, compared to projects like The Mandalorian or Star Wars: Obi-Wan KenobiAnd the Andor She didn’t inherently feel like she belonged in the galaxy so far away. This only speaks to the strength of Gilroy’s accomplishments on the project, as the overall structure could fit as easily into a 1950s spy series as it would into any other futuristic sci-fi setting. Fans aren’t tuned in to witness changes to the game that reveal the overarching Star Wars franchise or how other spinoffs would create, we’ve tuned in each week to just enjoy the journey rather than look forward to the destination.

The nominees for Best TV Series are:

  • Chucky (SYFY)
  • Dragon house (HBO)
  • Star Trek: Strange New Worlds (Paramount+)
  • Star Wars: Endor (Disney +) – WINNER
  • Weird things (Netflix)


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