Bill Maher explodes: “Liberalism and wake culture are not the same thing. They are opposites of each other.”

aHe usually does in his programs, Bill Maher He does not close his mouth When it comes to giving an opinion, especially if it is going to cause controversy.

On the year’s final episode of the “Club Random” podcast, he hosted businessman and billionaire Mark Cuban as a guest, and while speaking. He criticized the awakened left, arguing that liberalism and awakened culture are not the same thing.

It all started with the arrogance of Silicon Valley

Cuban begins by criticizing what he calls the “arrogance of California’s tech culture”: “I’d rather set up shop in Dallas all day, every day. I wouldn’t do it in San Francisco,” Cuban said.

Maher agreed and preempted the criticism: “Wake Up is going to cast this as kind of conservative. No, we’re not conservative. We’re not conservative…. You guys don’t understand that. Waking up and liberalism are two different things. Often they are opposite to each other….. Freedom must be liberal.”

Maher said he was tired of the vigilante culture, even among his friends. “All my friends, at least those of our age on the coast…They go on and on about their damned babies who woke up. Again, these are liberal people. These are not people who vote for Trump.”

Maher said, “I’m a basic liberal, but they piss me off so much when they embark on this situation. Just don’t gass me.” “Don’t pretend. Don’t say things like ‘racism has never been worse.’ It’s clearly not true.”

Don’t follow bullshit left or right

Maher concluded in his letter, “I have never been a man who can play with bullshit, be it from the left or the right,” and this is in relation to his earlier criticisms of wake culture, “We’re getting to a point where you can’t even deal with an issue, certain issues, without the mob coming after you.”


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