Did Patrick Mahomes tease the most dramatic subway ad ever?

He’s “working on something,” Kansas City Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes said on Twitter, and it looks more likely to be a subway commercial.

Patrick Mahomes is an obvious talent for the Kansas City Chiefs, but his talent may go beyond his footballing abilities. In a recent tweet, he shared a “sneak peek” of something he’s been working on and what appears to be the most dramatic subway commercial ever.

It’s not confirmed to be a subway commercial, but it certainly seems likely as the trailer ends with “Introduced by the Subway.”

There are quite a few NFL players out there like Rob Gronkowski, so whatever it is, it should be something to look forward to.

However, Mahomes’ acting debut did not start here. He proved his talent on screen in a recent commercial for State Farm, which quickly became a fan favorite.

Chiefs star Patrick Mahomes is no stranger to the big screen

Mahomes appeared in a State Farm ad with a fake mustache, which a lot of people are starting to freak out about, Including coach Andy Reid.

He also starred in a more serious commercial over the summer with his daughter, sharing a heartfelt message. in commercial, He said:

To Pick #1: Welcome to life. You are truly a perfectionist. Here are some tips: Stay Focused, Stay Hungry, Be Loyal and Lead. When a team feels like family that’s all you need. Only one you. You will shine like a star. Just lead with your heart and be as you are.”

Now, it could be part of something bigger, or it could just be part of the world’s hottest subway commercial. Only time will tell, but fans should be excited to see what happens next regardless.

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