Gina Ortega and Christina Ricci’s Incredible Deal as They Appear Together on ‘Wednesday’

tThe success of “Wednesday” is beyond doubt. The fantasy series, which centers on a teenage Addams family, is the second most watched series in Netflix history.

Tim BurtonHer influence is largely responsible for this, but is mainly due to her leading lady’s performance. Jenna Ortega It has been acclaimed by critics and audiences alike, and recently admitted to syncing with the group Christina Ricciwho played the same character in 1991 and was a revolutionary figure, enabled them to strike a deal.

The Addams Family was released 31 years ago and the cast included a young man Christina Ricci. Actress Wednesday played a naughty teen with relationship problems. RichieHer work has become a reference for posterity and her fans in particular Jenna Ortegawho took up the baton in 2022 as the new Wednesday Addams.

Gina Ortega and Christina Ricci agree on Wednesday

In a recent interview with Entertainment Tonight, Jenna Ortega She explained what happened behind the scenes between her and him Christina Ricci when they first met. According to her testimony, they decided to set aside that there were more Wednesdays.

“I didn’t want to upset her with it. We just looked into each other’s eyes and said, ‘Let’s not talk about it,'” she added.

“It was scary because she watched how it happens, what she does and she is one of her most famous characters.

“She was the one who made it iconic and it’s still remembered to this day. The series is a tribute to her performance.”

Although there are other actresses who have played Wednesday Addams, Jenna Ortega And the Christina Ricci will be the most remembered. They are the only ones to achieve unanimous acclaim from their generations.

Meanwhile, the public is still waiting for Netflix to announce the second season of “Wednesday”, which was initially planned for one set of episodes. However, the viewing figures, along with popular demand, suggest that we will see more Jenna Ortega As Wed Addams in the near future.


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