Is USPS Open New Year’s Eve?

Does the United States Postal Service (USPS) deliver on New Year’s Eve?

Still hoping for a parcel from Christmas? Well, it might be delivered on New Year’s Eve, but maybe not. It all depends on who is delivering it. If you’ve been dealing with the United States Postal Service (USPS) this year, and have been waiting for some presents, you might be happy to know that if you have something coming in, it might get to you on New Year’s Eve.

The USPS will actually deliver the items on New Year’s Eve, so if you have mail you need, packages to get, or what-have-you, you might just get it. It won’t necessarily come, after all, we don’t know if that particular piece of mail or package you’ve been waiting for will be there for this last delivery of the year, but it could be.

If it doesn’t arrive on December 31st, you’ll have to wait for it on Monday, January 2nd. Mail will not be delivered on January 1, mostly because it is a Sunday and mail is never delivered on a Sunday.

Is there USPS mail on New Year’s Eve?

So while mail is being delivered, no matter what, there are other aspects of the USPS that will be adjusted due to the holiday. If you’re dropping anything into the blue USPS mailbox, keep in mind that the last pickup will be before noon. There will be no further mailbox pickups after that until normal service resumes.

If you need to go to your local post office to pick up something or send something, the reduced hours are observed. Many will have standard business hours, but many will also have reduced or extended hours depending on the location.

You will have to call ahead and see if you are unsure of their hours.

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