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Last year, Daniel Craig stepped down from the James Bond series after the release of his fifth film, No Time To Die. Since then, fans have been dying for information on who the next 007 star might be. Bond bosses have revealed that the news will be announced in the coming years, but some fans of 007’s genius skipped the queue and asked an AI art generator to predict what the new James Bond would look like.

Rainbow Rich Casino He asked an artificial intelligence tool to create an image of the “perfect actor” to take on the role of James Bond next.

The stars of 007 have had varied appearances over the years – from age, hair color, even country of origin – but the AI ​​tool seems to think the next Bond movie will look in a very specific way.

The image – which can be seen below – shows the sultry James Bond candidate sporting a beard for the first time. The incredibly fair-skinned model also has the distinctive piercing blue eyes that Craig used as 007 for 15 years.

However, in particular, the AI-generated actor looks exactly like one lead actor: Tom Hardy.

Hardy has been a favorite among James Bond fans since 2020 after a rumor that he was already cast as 007 backstage. These rumors were neither confirmed nor denied, but he has since become one of the biggest names on the list.

Recently, Rainbow Rich Casino conducted a poll with 2,000 Brits on who they would like to see as the next star of the cute spy. 24 percent of all votes went directly to Venom’s actor – that’s nearly 500 votes in all. This means that the British public is eager to see Hardy don the tuxedo and take a martini shaken rather than animated.

This new AI paradigm follows this trend. However, the latest James Bond prospect tells a very different story about the future of the next James Bond actor.

Ladbrokes’ recently released set of odds on the next James Bond movie puts Tom Hardy at number five in the top ten.

The 45-year-old currently has odds of 10/1 to claim the role. And while those are great odds, they’re not good enough to take the Brit out at the top of the leaderboard at the moment.

Bookmakers recently put former Marvel star Aaron Taylor-Johnson at the top of their list with an impressive 2/1 in claiming the role. The 32-year-old is in the ideal age range for the role and isn’t very famous for the role – so now might be his time.

Alex Abbate of Ladbrokes said: “We’ve seen plenty of names betting on Bond over the years, but none have been quite as surprising as the current nominee, Aaron Taylor-Johnson, who continues to interest the 007 gambler.”

Whoever replaces Craig in the next Bond movie, he’s already given them some stark advice.

Craig was previously questioned about the words of wisdom he would offer his successor.

He calmly admitted, “There are two things I’d like to say. One is don’t be an a**t. I’d like to say, ‘You have to hold it and make it your own.'”

He added, “Hopefully I left it in a good place and I hope the next person can make it fly. It’s an amazing privilege. I still think there’s a lot of story to tell.”

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