Steven Tyler was sued for sexually assaulting an underage girl nearly half a century ago

the is a singer Stephen Tyler He is facing new controversy in his career, although this time it is not about his health or any problem with addiction, which forced the band he leads to cancel some of their shows in 2022.

Now, the singer of the legendary rock band has been sued for sexual assault against a woman who was a minor at the time. Allegedly, the events took place in the 70s, when the plaintiff mentioned his name Julia Holcomb He was 16 years old, while Tyler was 25.

Julia claims that, in addition to assaulting her, Tyler intentionally caused her to emotionally diminish. to me Rolling Stones MagazineHolcomb stated that Tyler persuaded her mother to hand over her guardianship to him, and they lived together for more than three years, during which they witnessed many intimate encounters.

Details of the lawsuit filed against Steven Tyler

The woman presented as evidence of her accusation the memoirs of Tyler herself, where she claims that he “She almost married a teenage girlAnd that her parents fell in love with me, signed a document for custody of me, so that if I took her out of the state, I would not be arrested. I took her on tour with me.”

Julia revealed that she was pregnant in 1975 and gave birth an abortion at Tyler’s insistence. So far, neither the musician nor his lawyers have commented on the lawsuit filed in Los Angeles. Although the document does not explicitly name Tyler, the post indicated that it is about a leader Aerosmith.

Steven Tyler said he met Julia after the band played a song Concert in Portland, Oregon, 1973. In the lawsuit, the woman accuses the singer of “coercing and convincing” her into believing the abuse was an official romantic relationship.

Julia Holcomb and Her Serious Allegations Against Steven Tyler

She also recounted that Tyler took her to a hotel and “She was involved with her in several criminal acts of sexual conductThat same night they met, despite knowing her age.

A year later, Tyler obtains custody of Julia and promises her parents that he will give her a better life than they ever could have given her, but in addition to breaking his word, he abuses her, assaults her, and He gave her drugs and alcohol.

After a miscarriage, Julia Holcomb becomes estranged from Tyler and returns to Portland to start a new life.


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