TikTok has been banned from all US federal government agencies

jAs it happened with Huawei devices now The world famous app TikTok has been banned from all US federal government agenciesAfter, after President Joe Biden She signed a bill banning it as a security risk.

This prohibition is a A big blow to the world’s fastest growing social media platformand the concern is similar to what it was a few years ago with Huawei: That the Chinese government has access to US users’ data.

It will go into effect in the next two months

According to the law, many government agencies will publish the rules for Implement this ban in the next two months. But not everyone has to do this: if any civil servant TikTok is used for national security or law enforcement activitiesThey will be able to install it on their official device.

Earlier this week, Congress passed a bill to ban TikTok on the devices of House members. For its part, the Chinese company said about the latter: “It is a political gesture that will do nothing to advance national security interests.”

It may be banned across the United States

Under the pretense that TikTok is “controlled by the Beijing government,” Senator Marco Rubio has pushed for a bill Total use of the video platform will be prohibited throughout the United States.

Before leaving office, Donald Trump issued an executive order Ban American companies from doing business with ByteDancethe parent company of TikTok.

But Biden reversed it in June 2021 and security reviews of the platform have continued since then. ByteDance claims that all user data in the US is stored in Virginia data centers And back it up in Singapore.

The legislative pressure on TikTok comes at a time when the app’s popularity has exploded in recent years, amassing a user base of more than a billion users thereafter. Reporting a 45% increase in monthly active users between July 2020 and July 2022. In 2022, it has become the most downloaded app in the world, quietly overtaking Instagram and Twitter.

According to a report by the Pew Research Center, Almost half of all 18-30 year olds in the US use the platform, and 67% of 13-18 year old users use it every day.



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