Arnold Schwarzenegger doesn’t attend a lot of premieres. Why did he appear in Avatar: The Way of the Water

Arnold Schwarzenegger remains one of the most recognizable names in Hollywood, even though today the actor, former bodybuilder, and California governor lives a pretty cool life. While the 75-year-old star is still lining up acting parties, it seems that he is more content with indulging in his personal hobbies such as Taking care of his fuzzy cattle And the Walk around the tanks. With that in mind, Schwarzenegger doesn’t attend high profile events like movie premieres very often. However, he was one of the many Hollywood titans to appear in Avatar: Water Road premiere, and he gave an explanation for it.

Movie fans definitely know that Arnold Schwarzenegger has an affair with the man behind it symbol picture Franchise – James Cameron. Oscar-winning actor and director collaboration multiple finisher Movies over the years. The two have remained firm friends over the past several decades, and Schwarzenegger doesn’t mind throwing a few compliments on his co-star’s manner. He did this very thing when blogging water waylatest version for:

You all know that my good friend Jim Cameron finally released his Avatar sequel this month! I visited the set last year with his giant water tank and motion capture technology, and it was amazing. His creativity is unparalleled and his vision very clear. There’s no way he could spend that much time on a project and not knock it out of the park.

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