Benedict Cumberbatch remembers filming The Avengers And Nailing “Passion” with Robert Downey Jr onscreen

If you have watched Marvel movies in order You can see that many of the characters tend to pop up here and there for small or small roles outside of their own solo projects. Those moments must be difficult for the cast as they only have two minutes to act and show character growth. Benedict Cumberbatch, who plays Doctor Strange, opened up about the challenges of showing emotion on screen, and how it’s been “cool” and uplifting to watch people like Robert Downey Jr. work on such huge blockbusters as well.

In a huge collection of movies like Avengers: Infinity War or Avengers: Endgame There are so many characters in the movie that it’s hard for all of them to get a good screen time, which means the actors have to make the most of the few minutes they have. Cumberbatch has been upfront about it “Insult” is part of the jobLike learning complex magical moves, and how to find meaning in his role, even if he’s only in the movie for a few minutes. Tell conversations:

You’re working on doing some of that, but in the midst of making a blockbuster like The Avengers, for example, it can be hard to get that moment of emotion exactly in five minutes because that’s all the time they have because of the other. Bigger things around him.

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