Kevin Smith had no idea Sigourney Weaver was in Avatar: The Way of Water

Although it was announced that actress Sigourney Weaver will return Avatar: Water RoadIt still surprises a lot of people, including Kevin Smith. Although her character, Dr. Grace Augustine, died in the original 2009 version symbol picture, co-writer and director James Cameron envisioned a way to bring the actress back in a unique way, having her play Kerry, a young Na’vi girl with… special abilities and an origin story that seems rooted in a biblical tale. In any case, the 73-year-old Academy Award nominee for playing a teenager surprised many, with Smith praising her performance while not being able to truly come to terms with it.

“You know what I found out that I was not known by the King symbol picture this week? The little magical blue cat, that jedis those sh-t. Smith said in the latest news Fat Man next Podcast. “That was so amazing, it just so blew me away. I was lying. Oh my God, this is crazy. Then when I thought about it, I was kind of like her. Then I saw online backstage they were shooting her and then turning her into a teenage blue cat. It’s Crazy genius.”

He continued, “That was a madman. You just set yourself up for all kinds of complications when you want, when you let Sigourney play the teenage girl, but like what an amazing feat it was, it was kind of cool….in the piece that I saw She loved studying, she practiced raising her voice. I thought they put her through a therapist, they didn’t. That’s her voice is a teenager’s voice. – Like that and I worked on her pronunciation so she could hear the sound…she didn’t get enough credit.”

Kerry, the Na’vi weaver, was born from the body of an avatar that her human persona drove/died in in the original film. Between her miraculous conception and some observable superpowers, many have been calling the character Na’vi Jesus, something one of the sequel’s writers recently addressed in an interview. “I don’t think we’ve ever specifically spoken of her as Nephi Jesus,” said co-author Amanda Silver. diverseAdding:. “But it’s a mystery. We can’t really talk about it.”

Avatar: Water Road Now playing in theatres.



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