MIA claims her beliefs cost her thousands of fans and set back her career

Rapper MIA noted that she faced a serious career setback When she posted a tweet confessing her faith and confirming that “Jesus is real” and that statement It generated more negative feedback than any other statement she made.

“The fact that the biggest reaction in my career and my life To say that Jesus is real was a revelation to me. The people who control these apps I’d rather be a bad girl than a good girlBritish artist on Twitter.

She converted to Christianity after a supernatural encounter

MIA, whose real name is Mathangi Arulpragasam, told an Apple Music editor that She becomes a born-again Christian after a supernatural encounter. She claimed to have seen “a vision of Jesus Christ.” She “turned her world upside down,” according to The Christian Post.

The rapper claims to have been raised in Hinduism and considered Jesus a “silly story” prior to this experience. The Museum of Islamic Art has long been embroiled in scandals: in 2006 She was denied entry to the United States due to her alleged support for a terrorist groupAnd she settled an issue with the NFL in 2012 after she showed cameras her middle finger during Super Bowl halftime.

Her faith has made her into a new person, but with fewer followers

MIA commented that she knows She will lose many fans after declaring her Christian faith: “Basically, all my fans might turn against me because they are All progressives who hate people who believe in Jesus Christ in this country. “

Even if it cost me my career, I wouldn’t lie. I will tell the truth, and I will say what is on my mind and in my heart. “If I come back now saying ‘Jesus is real’, it would be for a reason,” he added.

“I keep thinking about what this all means,” he admitted. “For now, I feel like I have to stick to what I’ve always been, which is telling the truth. This experience happened. I must tell the truth about it. “

“And I think now the only clear thing I can say is that even when I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ or Christianity, and even when I was 100 percent comfortable with Hinduism, A Christian God came to save me. And I think there is some truth to thatshe told Relevant.



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