Official kits for the Fiesta Bowl and Peach Bowl

Have a look at the College Football Game Referees with Officiating Kits for both the Fiesta Bowl and Peach Bowl.

Although many players would argue that any bowl game is important, there is no denying that the stakes are higher than in a college football game. So for TCU vs. Michigan in the Fiesta Bowl and Ohio State vs.

For this reason, you would expect college football referees to be among the best the world has to offer. Of course, referees are always going to get crazily criticized, especially when they’re on the biggest stage in the sport.

Having said that, the crews were meticulously selected for the CFP bowl games and here are the umpires chosen for each game.

Fiesta Bowl referees for TCU vs Michigan

He was the SEC officiating crew – a member of the team that neither team plays in the game – for the Fiesta Bowl. Below are the specific duties of governors in the state of Arizona.

  • Chief Referee: Jason Autry
  • Referee: Brent Sowell
  • Header lines: Nicolas Theriot
  • Linear judge: Michael Taylor
  • Field Judge: Daniel Gutro
  • Side judge: Sean Beatty
  • Back judge: Martin Hankins
  • Center judge: Chris Garner
  • Alternate: Scott Walker
  • Replay Officer: David Allmand
  • Caller: Mark Gervais

The Peach Bowl referees for the Ohio State-Georgia game

For the crew responsible for the Peach Bowl, they again went with a crew not affiliated with either team because it was a Pac-12 group, although fans from that conference will tell you that might not be a good thing. Here’s a look at the Ohio State vs Georgia match officials.

  • Chief Referee: Chris Kwete
  • Referee: Greg Adams
  • Header lines: Darrell Johnson
  • Linear judge: Dale Keller
  • Field judge: Steve Curry
  • Side judge: Jeff Dahley
  • Back judge: Joe Johnston
  • Center Judge: John Love
  • Alternate: Steve Strimling
  • Replay Officer: Jerry Meyerhoff
  • Caller: Terry Leiden

These crews hope, of course, that they don’t become College Football Playoff events.

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