Crowd leaders boo Carson Wentz when he opens the drive (VIDEO)

This is the man the brass chiefs thought would do none of the many, many He has proven to be very adept at doing terrible things in the past.Things got so bad that fans were publicly cheering Heinicke to replace Wentz before the game even reached half-time.

It’s like no one saw the Colts-Jaguars game from last year’s Week 18 — or any of the Wentz tapes there.

This is largely rhetorical, because obviously the leaders saw his tape because they traded him before the season. This is the height of Washington’s absurdity and its discovery now. This is the embodiment of “…but maybe you’ll work with us” from Arrested Development, and Commanders fans are paying the price.

Not a great start to 2023 for Commanders fans.

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