Meghan Markle is preparing a book of her memoirs and is very worried about the royal family

meIn the coming days the book “Spear” will be published, In it, Prince Harry tells what life was like when he was Princess Diana’s second son and now King Charles III, who is expected to make some intimate revelations to the royal family which have alarmed more than one at Buckingham.

In addition, Harry’s wife, Meghan Markle is also preparing a book of her memoirs Which, according to a source quoted by the Daily Mail, said she would “leave no stone unturned in her life as royalty.

Everyone at Buckingham is on the defensive

After the scandal caused by the series “Harry and Megan” on Netflix, As some revelations were made that made the royal family uncomfortableThe movie “Spear” is expected to add fuel to the fire and add to the controversy.

Now, with rumors of Meghan’s alleged resume, the royal family is expected to be more defensive than ever. book will be Part of a deal Meghan and Harry signed in 2012 with publisher Penguin Random House.

For Spear, this was unofficially reported Harry could earn $20 million, and there is still no information on how much Markle can earn for her autobiography, having already published with the same publishing house the children’s book The Bench.

Meghan has been slow to publish her memoirs

According to A Hollywood Agent, It would be rare if Meghan didn’t publish a book with her memoirs. “I would be surprised if Meghan didn’t post her own story, to be honest. If she had political ambitions, that would make more senseThe source added.

Megan is a supporter of Democrats and has two sons He grew close to prominent political figures in the United States such as the Kennedy familyAnd in December, she and her husband received an award from the Robert F. Kennedy Human Rights Nonprofit.


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