NFL embarrassment at Deshaun Watson has never been more apparent

Here are the three main points the NFL tweeted from the game. Each was a touchdown for Watson, with only one of them even featuring a QB. Amari Cooper was the headliner on two of them. The other tweet only indicated that the team had a 10-point lead.

A quick scroll through the rest of the highlights from the day makes it clear that moderators are usually the stars of tweets and the highlights embedded in them. Watson’s treatment is markedly different.

There are two ways to interpret this. The first is that the NFL issued a directive to minimize Watson’s involvement in highlights as much as possible. The second is that the person or people who run NFL social media have taken it upon themselves not to give the quarterback any glory this season.

If it is the latter, then kudos to them. There isn’t much social media people can do when it comes to suspending the league, but keeping a man credibly accused of twenty cases of sexual misconduct out of high profile beams is one thing at least.

Either way, this is another example of how embarrassing Watson can be to play. The league wanted to suspend him for a longer period but eventually commuted his sentence. Now they have to deal with the fact that Watson in a brown uniform is throwing touchdown passes.

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