The best 3-point doubles in the NBA this season

Ken Blaze, USA Today Sports

For years, the Splash brothers – Steph Curry and Klay Thompson – remained the best shooting duo in the NBA. But they did not hold the crown this year.

Steve Curry has redefined three-point shooting in the NBA, but his longtime teammate, Klay Thompson, is right behind him. We all know Curry’s numbers but Thompson hit 41.4 percent of his three-pointers in his career. He has two of the highest individual seasons with 3s in NBA history and is 13th on the all-time 3-pointer list.

However, he’s also had a tough season, hitting a career-low 37.5 percent from beyond the arc this year. That opened the door for a few more duos to replace the Splash Brothers as the best three-point shooting pair in the NBA. *All current stats as of 12/30*

Who are the best 3-point duos in the NBA this season?

3. Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland

Donovan Mitchell and Darius Garland might be the most surprising shooting duo in the league right now. Garland hit 37.8 percent from 3 catches over his first 3 seasons in the league, but he’s jumped to 40.0 percent this season at 6.2 tries per game, the same as he did last season.

Mitchell is on another planet. He’s done better than 37.0 percent only once in his first five seasons in the NBA, but he’s hit 41.3 percent on 9.3 attempts per game this year. The big jump was his dribbling, scoring 45.5% on 5.5 tries per game. Curry is the only player to hit more than 3 triples this season on three or more tries per game.

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