Zelensky in his New Year’s speech: This is the year Ukraine changed the world

nNew Year’s celebrations show a cheerful face to the world, but the war in Ukraine continues.

Chief of state , Volodymyr ZelenskyIn his speech on December 31, he addressed his people, praising their courage and expressing his optimism about the end of the conflict in a combative tone.

accession to the European Union

“This is the year Ukraine changed the world. The world discovered Ukraine. We were told to surrender. We chose a counterattack! We were told to make concessions and compromises. We are joining the European Union and NATO,” he said.

He also emphasized that he would like 2023 to be the year when people and soldiers can return to Ukraine, as well as prisoners and migrants expelled by the Russian invasion.

“Let this year be the year of return. The return of our people. Soldiers – to their families. Prisoners – to their homes. Migrants – to Ukraine.”

and “return our lands” Zelensky Adding that all territories, including eastern Ukraine’s Donbass and Crimea, which Russia has occupied since 2014, “will become free forever.”

The letter began with Zelensky Considering the events of February 24, 2022, when the invasion first began.

“It was dark. It was noisy. It was hard for many and scary for some. It’s been 311 days. It can still be dark and noisy and complicated for us. But we will certainly never be afraid again. And we will. Never be shy.” Zelensky He said.

He ended his speech by saying: “May the New Year bring all this. We are ready to fight for it. That is why every one of us is here. I am here. We are here. You are here. Everyone is here, we are all Ukraine.”


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