A plane turbine kills an American Airlines employee in Alabama

a– An American Airlines employee died in Alabama after a plane’s turbine drifted at Montgomery Regional Airport. The aircraft that took the life of this worker was the Embraber E175, corresponding to Flight AA 3408, which had just landed from Dallas.

Because of this incident, the airport was closed for five hours.

The company did not want to reveal the identity of the deceased, but he was a member of the ground staff at Piedmont, a subsidiary of American Airlines. The FAA has confirmed the death, as has the airline.

American Airlines said the man was involved in a “death”.

American Airlines regrets what happened

The man and the rest of his crew were handling baggage when he was towed into one of the plane’s engines.

“We are focused on ensuring everyone involved has the support they need during this difficult time,” the airline said.

A spokesperson for Montgomery Airport, Wade A Davies He also had the opportunity to speak to the local media.

“We are deeply saddened to learn of this tragic loss. Our thoughts are with the family,” he added.

However, the police are still investigating the incident to find out how the man could have been sucked into the turbine.

The aircraft is an Embraer E175 and has flown more than 1,600 flights without incident to date.


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