How can I charge my phone quickly? How do I check if my phone supports it?

Fast charging is no longer limited to premium smartphones. Smartphone makers have started adding fast charging support in budget as well as mid-range phones. But due to the fragmentation in fast charging standards as well as confusion about the overall fast charging process, consumers often wonder if their phones can be fast charged or how fast they charge. We are here to help. In this guide, we’ll explain how you can find out if your phone supports fast charging, what fast chargers will work with your phone, and how you can check if your phone actually charges faster.

How to check if your smartphone supports fast charging

There are several ways to check if your phone supports fast charging. You can check your phone’s official product page on the manufacturer’s website. Brands usually mention details about fast charging support in the battery specifications. You’ll see a number in watts, such as 15W, 18W, and 45W to show how fast the phone charges. Manufacturers will also note if they bundle a fast charger in the box.

Not all phone manufacturers, like Apple, bundle fast chargers in the box. Others bundle a fast charger but it may not support the fastest charging speed available for your phone. So the phone specifications page on the company’s website can reveal all these details.

The iPhone 12 product page on Apple’s website shows battery specifications

If you can’t access the phone manufacturer’s website, you can also check details about fast charging support on the product packaging or in the official documentation. Brands often mention details about this on the product packaging and in the documentation provided inside the box.

Another way to check for fast charging support is to look at the included charger itself; However, this is not the best method. Since some smartphones have fast chargers in the box itself, you can read the details printed on it, such as the brand of the fast charging standard or the supported wattage (current times voltage). But if the included charger isn’t a fast charger or slower than the supported wattage, you won’t be able to confirm anything.

If you still can’t find these details, you can contact the manufacturer itself for information.

How to find a fast charger for your phone

Once you find out that your phone supports fast charging but did not provide a compatible charger in the box. You can buy one made by your phone manufacturer or a third-party brand; However, getting the right fast charger can be tricky and you’ll need some details, including the maximum charging wattage supported.

You’ll also need to know what fast charging standard your phone supports – it could be anything from Qualcomm Quick Charge 2/3/3+/4/4+/5 to USB PD. Many phone makers also have their own fast charging standards, such as Vivo Super Flash Charge, Oppo VOOC/SuperVOOC, and Samsung Adaptive Charging. We have a very detailed piece explaining the various express shipping techniques and standards.

AMX XP60 and OnePlus chargers

After knowing the fast charging standard and maximum wattage supported by your phone, you can search for a compatible wall charger in the market. Make sure that the charger is compatible with the fast charging standard as well as the fast charging power of your phone.

It is important to note here that some fast charging standards are compatible with others as well. Like Qualcomm Quick Charge 4/4 +/5 it is also compatible with USB-PD. So you will be able to use any one of them with your phone in such cases. In most cases, you’ll get the best of it with fast chargers recommended by your phone manufacturer. Here are some recommendations for the USB PD chargers that see the greatest compatibility in this segmented market.

The Anker USB-PD charger supports fast charging up to 20W and comes with a single USB Type-C port. You won't get any cable with the charger though.
Anker Nano 20W

Anker 511 20W Nano Charger

The Anker USB-PD charger supports fast charging up to 20W and comes with a single USB Type-C port. You won’t get any cable with the charger though.

You can't go wrong with the official charging brick from Samsung.  It supports the full 25W charging speeds offered across the board on all Galaxy S21 devices, and will work great with the iPhone 12 series!
Samsung 25W USB-C charger

Samsung 25W USB-C charger

Samsung’s official charging unit supports full 25W charging speeds across Galaxy devices, and it’s just like the charger in the box.

The Spigen ArcStation features two USB Type C outputs, both of which individually can provide up to 30W of power.  But you will need to get your own cables.
Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro

Spigen 40W ArcStation Pro Dual USB-C Charger

The Spigen ArcStation features two USB Type C outputs, both of which individually can provide up to 30W of power. But you will need to get your own cables.

How to check if your phone charges faster

There are several ways you can check if your phone is really fast charging. Some phones make this easier than others and will display “Fast Charging” or “Fast Charging” on the lock screen. This ensures that your phone is charging quickly.

If your phone does not show any visual cues of fast charging, you can install an app like Ampere. It can help you measure the charging rate. Read the values ​​the app displays and multiply the voltage by the amperage to find the charging wattage. To get the correct current, you’ll have to add up the milliamps (mA) numbers that appear while charging and while not connected to a charger, then divide by 1000. In the example above, the smartphone draws 3.77V * ((320 + 420)mA / 1000) = 2.79 watts. The phone is clearly not getting the fastest charge.

Keep in mind that phones also limit their charge rates when the screen is on, and charge rates aren’t linear either from 0-100%, with a significant drop towards the full mark – so use apps like Ampere to compare chargers and not just pure numbers.

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If you don’t trust software solutions, you can use something called a power meter to check the same thing. There are many USB power meters employment Sell ​​online It will show the voltage and current to your phone. Similar to the Ampere app, simply multiply the voltage by the current to find the charging wattage.

We hope we were able to answer some of your express shipping questions. If you own a Samsung Galaxy S21, we’ve rounded up the best fast phone chargers on the market. You can also see our recommendations for the best Qi wireless charger.

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