The Picard Season 3 soundtrack contains spoilers

Star Trek: Picard The Season 3 soundtrack contains some spoilers for the season’s plot, according to recent tweets from showrunner Terry Matalas. A fan on Twitter asked Matalas about the possibility of him getting a Picard Season 3 soundtrack ahead of the season premiere in February. Many fans, including Matalas, were hopeful that the soundtrack would be released in large volumes, similar to how Disney released the soundtracks to the Disney+ Star Wars series. Due to some LAFA rules, this is not an option for Picard third season. With just one release, Matalas says he’s considering holding back the soundtrack until after the season is over to avoid spoilers.

“We’re debating,” Matalas tweeted in response to the fan. “We can only release one issue, so we might wait so we don’t spoil the season finale. Some themes are spoilers. I initially wanted to do volumes but obviously we’re not allowed.”

Star Trek: Picard The third season has a different auteur from the previous two seasons, with Stephen Barton and Freddie Weidman replacing Jeff Russo. The season looks to establish a more traditional Star Trek sound. Matalas gave fans a preview of Barton’s theme for the USS Titan-A, the new “hero ship” of the season. He’s previously talked about why he changes things Picardfinal season.

“If we were to say this is the last Star Trek: The Next Generation movie or 10 of another Star Trek: The Next Generation “Because all the rings are so different, so they should look like this, too,” Matalas said. Den of geek. And that required Stephen Barton. Then, later in the season, the score became so massive as the story grew that we had to get some help from Frederick Weidmann, also a brilliant composer. I grew up with legends. [like] Jerry Goldsmith and James Horner. Not to mention Dennis McCarthy and Cliff Edelman. All these Trek composers have gestures.”

When is a file Star Trek: Picard Season 3 release date?

Paramount + A trailer was released for Star Trek: Picard Season 3 with some amazing appearances by classic characters and villains. A trailer also revealed when the season will premiere. The first clip of the new season appeared on last week’s episode of prefabricated room.

Star Trek: Picard Season 3 premieres on Paramount+ on February 16th. The first two seasons are now streaming on Paramount+.


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