Tax refund: what is the quick way to get your refund and what is the deadline for filing 2022 taxes

theAfter this month, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) He will make an official announcement regarding the start date for receiving or processing tax returns.

employment January 24, 2022the IRS began receiving 2021 tax returns, so people can expect the same day this year. Later this month, the agency will make an official announcement.

You can get your returns more quickly if you file your taxes as soon as they are available.

The easiest way to get your tax return is to file it electronically and opt for direct deposit of your refund check.

How to file your taxes correctly

Depending on their job position, taxpayers will require specific documents in order to effectively file federal taxes for 2022.

Most workers will get W2, 1099And the 1099-K Forms. On 1099-NEC Form, non-employee compensation will be recorded.

Instead of using a file 1099-MiscellaneousThis new form introduces a new approach to self-employment income reporting.

It is advised to compile a complete set of tax records prior to filing the return to prevent delays in receiving your refund.

The IRS suggests checking with your employer, bank, or other payers to make sure email and phone addresses are correct.


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