TJ Holmes and Amy Robach were seen “very happy” the day before he filed his divorce papers

Good Morning America hosts TJ Holms and Amy Robach have recently been making headlines for their on-air relationship, and they were most recently spotted out in Miami as Holmes was about to finalize his divorce from wife Marilee Febig.

Holmes and Febig share a daughter together

Holmes’ application was made amid the scandal of his affair with his Good Morning America co-star, Amy Robach. Holmes and Fibig have a daughter together and have been married since 2010.

TJ Holmes filed for divorce in New York City, and it came shortly after he and Amy Robach were seen at the Atlanta airport on Monday morning heading to Miami, Florida where they spent the New Year together.

TJ Holmes and Amy Robach’s relationship became public a few weeks ago

ABC has not made any specific decisions yet

Rumors about Holmes and Robach’s relationship began a few weeks ago when the Daily Mail broke the news. At this point, ABC has yet to make a clear decision on the matter, as the two were “indefinitely put on hold” after viewers noticed their adorable on-screen chemistry, Thus, she “crossed the line of friendship.”

TJ Holms owns a house in Atlanta where they spent their vacations and then split up from Miami to spend the rest of the holidays together.

Meanwhile, Amy Robach ends her relationship with actor Andrew Shaw.


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