Andy Cohen addresses Ryan Seacrest allegations in NY, kinda throws Anderson Cooper under bus

Of nearly every major network that lives in New York City in the New Year on December 31st is ABC Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Party with Ryan Seacrest CNN New Year’s Eve live Along with Andy Cohen and Anderson Cooper, they were big personalities to watch out for if you’re at home enjoying the spirit of 2023. After Seacrest claimed this week that Cohen refused to say hi to him during competing telecasts on NYE, Cohen shared his side of the story.

While Ryan Seacrest was on his morning show He lives! With Kelly and Ryan On Tuesday, host claimed Andy Cohen, who was standing just 10 feet away from him as they each performed their own New Year’s Eve shows “didn’t turn around” to greet him amidst the celebration. Here’s how Andy Cohen handled it Andy Radio show:

Ryan, I don’t know, I’ve been wrong two weeks in a row… I don’t even know what I am, I haven’t seen Anderson turn around and wave. Normally Anderson would do it, and I’d have to call him back and ask him about this bluntly. But I think he’d yell at me if I did that… Usually if he was waving to Ryan, he’d say to me, “Hey, there’s Ryan.” You know what I mean? Yeah. And then I’d turn around and wave or say, “There’s Ryan,” but he didn’t.

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