Barbara Walters hated Gilda Radner’s SNL impression of her at first. How was she able to “lighten up” about it

I feel like someone who gets it impersonate in Saturday Night Livewhether he is presidentOr celebrities or public figures, and that’s when they know they’ve really reached a high level of stardom. For Barbara Walters which happened in 1976, she didn’t appreciate impersonation for long. Barbara Walters, or Baba Wawa as she has been referred to Saturday Night LiveShe was one of Gilda Radner’s iconic characters from the sketch comedy show’s early years. While the late journalist didn’t appreciate the impression at first, she eventually came to terms with it, and the reason is funny and comforting.

Follow the news Walters’ death The world, especially the television industry, was thinking of her groundbreaking career and How many women in journalism have helped. Besides, her thoughts about Gilda Radner’s impression of her also resurfaced. the Archives of American Television Publishing an old interview with Walters reflecting on his famous impersonation, the journalist said:

Gilda Radner hated Baba Wawa until she walked into my daughter’s room one night and was watching her, it was a Saturday night. I said “what are you doing?” She said: I am watching Baba Wawa, my mother. And I said, “Okay, well, look what you’re doing.” And my daughter said, “Mom, light up.” Then I did.

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