Cristiano and Georgina’s cold embrace fuels rumors of crisis

a A few days ago, a potential couple crisis emerged between Cristiano Ronaldo and Georgina Rodriguez. Pictures from the footballer’s unveiling in Saudi Arabia did little to dispel the rumours.

The influencer and the attacker continue to try to appear normal on their social media, but the lack of complicity they have been showing for some time has caused doubts about the stability of their relationship.

This was announced by the Socialite program, which echoed many stories published by the Latin American press, which indicate that the couple is not going through their best moments.

The Portuguese star was recently introduced as Victory It was only towards the end of the event that his family was invited to join him on the grandstand, which was set up in the center of the stadium.

He wore all the children of the Portuguese Victory And the crossbar two of them grabbed by the hand.

Once they were all together, a cold embrace could be seen between them Cristiano and Georgina.

In fact, she didn’t give up on her pups and there was no kiss on the cheek or exchange of glances, something that would undoubtedly fuel rumors of a crisis between the two.

Maybe he called off the wedding

During the “Socialite” press programme Gonzalo Vasquez They go further, suggesting that they may have called off their wedding plans.

“The player’s recent disappointment in the World Cup in Qatar with the Portuguese national team may have caused a crisis and put in the ‘preparation’ for the wedding they had planned.” Vasquez he said, implying that we may not see this more than expected from weddings.

Ronaldo It was unveiled in front of a crowd VictoryThe stadium on Tuesday after officially joining the Saudi club. He is believed to be the highest paid player in the world.


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