Jeremy Renner was reportedly run over by a 14 kilo pound snow plow

Jeremy Renner was trying to get ice scraping machine Unstuck, tragedy befell him when the actor got out of the car and managed to untangle it. In his attempt to return to the unsupervised moving machine, this was the moment he was run over and he sustained numerous injuries that left him in a critical condition. The actor himself eventually sent out a tweet thanking all of his fans for the support. Someone wrote it for him because he confirmed he couldn’t write in his current state.

many of his companions marvel The co-stars responded to his post with messages of encouragement, including these reactions Chris Hemsworth and Chris Pratt. Jeremy Renner He will take some time to recover after suffering blunt force trauma to his chest and other undisclosed injuries. However, the photo he posted showed that he was very upset after the strange incident. Renner He really put his life in danger while trying to save others from a serious disaster. A true hero who didn’t hesitate to put his body on the line.

The sheriff confirms Renner’s accident

Washoe County Sheriff Darren Balaam He is the one who confirmed what happened and how everything progressed Jeremy Renner suffered from this accident. The Hawkeye actor was immediately airlifted to the hospital for treatment. Here’s what the sheriff said on Wednesday: “Trying to stop the rolling PistenBully-Mr. Renner try[ed] To get back in the driver’s seat at PistenBully. Based on our investigation, at this point, Mr. Renner [was] skip.”

To date there has been no comprehensive report on microinfections Jeremy Renner Continuous. Once we get one, readers will know more details about his recovery. In the meantime, all we can do is acknowledge how lucky the actor is because this machine is so heavy and so dangerous. He’s lucky he gets out of this one alive.


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