Johnny Depp looks unrecognizable as Louis XV in his return to film after the trial of Amber Heard

tHe trial with Amber Hurd He had a great influence on his career Johnny Deppwho saw a number of film projects pulled from him after being accused of abuse by his ex-partner.

He was able to prove his innocence and won the trial, which means his fans will soon see him on the big screen in a new movie.

One of the big titles he’ll be sharing is going to be “Jeanne du Barry.” With this historical drama, Depp will return to Hollywood, where he has not made a film since Minamata which was shot in 2019 but released in 2021.

This new project for Pirates of the Caribbean The star is about a mistress story King Louis XV From France, who will play with him.

We’ve already been able to see the first photos of the actor playing the royal character thanks to the French magazine Premiere.

What is the Jeanne du Barry movie that Johnny Depp is back in?

“Jeanne du Barry” is the name of one of the mistresses of the French king, and the film tells the story of how this woman struggles to climb the social ladder.

From poverty she comes to Paris, where she tries seduction Louis XVTo charm him, she pretends to be noble. In the end, she begged the king to take her to court and give her a house of her own. But the relationship between the two comes to light and turns into a scandal.

The movie is directed by the director Maywen Le Pisco It will arrive in 2023. At the moment, the exact release date is not known, nor if it will be released in theaters or only on streaming platforms.


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