Micah Parsons blows Bart Scott for T. Higgins’ terrible hoax

Parsons wasn’t the only one blasting Scott for his ignorance. Social media also caught fire, with many siding with the Cowboys star pass game.

Micah Parsons has slammed Bart Scott for his pathetic treatment of T. Higgins regarding Damar Hamlin’s unfortunate accident.

Tee Higgins is already in enough pain and has now received death threats from “fans” after what happened to Damar Hamlin.

Bart Scott isn’t helping the cause by offering this nonsense. Also, this is not the first incident in which Scott has stalked Bengals players. Nobody will forget Scott’s comments about quarterback Joe Burrow That amounted to a “reward” for the young caller’s signal. The world came for Scott, and that should have amounted to at least a fine or suspension, but no message came back. This wasn’t necessary either, and fans absolutely have the right to complain.

Hotspots seem to be the norm these days, but this one wasn’t hot. This was just completely disgraceful, and we hope ESPN does something about this because this kind of behavior is unacceptable no matter who the person is. Kudos to Micah Parsons for putting Scott on blast, I hope he’s not the last to do so.

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