Netflix reveals four ways to watch new series

The Netflix account operator says on Twitter that they’ve come up with “a bunch of different requests to watch Kaleidoscope so you don’t have to.” The series that stars Too bad And the star Wars Franchise veteran Giancarlo Esposito has filmed it in such a way that you can watch it in almost any order and that should make sense, and he of course unlocks the series to be ported to custom playlists, so people can enjoy it in an order to suit their taste.

Each episode is labeled with a different color—”yellow,” “green,” “purple,” “blue,” “orange,” “red,” “pink,” and the ending, “white,” the actual day of the robbery—and gives the title agreement A quick and easy way to discuss a matter.

Here’s what they found:

To watch in chronological order (which, again, is not the order in which Netflix offers the series), you have to know what the colors are actually in. As explained by Netflix, “purple” 24 years ago was stolen, “green” 7 years ago, “yellow” 5 weeks ago, “orange” 3 weeks ago, “blue” 5 days ago, and “white” is the day of theft. The next morning is “red”, and “pink” six months after the theft.

Watching it “as a Tarantino movie” plays a director known for moving in time, especially starting a story in the media and filling in the background after the movie is already in motion. Viewing it this way, you start with “blue,” then move on to “green,” “yellow,” “orange,” “violet,” “pink,” “white,” and finally “red.”

watch it” Orange is the new black“It starts seven years ago (“green”), then goes way back (“purple”) before moving back in time. From there, “red,” “orange,” “yellow,” “blue,” “white and” Pink”.

to watch kaleidoscope As a “classic detective story” that begins three weeks before Orange is stolen, then moves through “Green” and “Purple” in flashback, catching up to “Red”, and then concluding the story with “Yellow”, “Blue” and “White” and “pink”.

Here is the official synopsis of the series:

spanning 25 years, kaleidoscope (Previously titled panorama) is an all-new anthology series that follows a crew of masterful thieves as they attempt to crack a seemingly unbreakable vault of the biggest payday in history. Guarded by the world’s most powerful corporate security team, and with law enforcement on the case, each episode reveals a piece of an intricate puzzle of corruption, greed, revenge, intrigue, loyalties, and betrayals. How did the thieves’ crew plan it? Who gets away with it? Who can be trusted?

Loosely inspired by the real-life story where seventy billion dollars in bonds were lost in midtown Manhattan during Hurricane Sandy (remember Tornado robbery?), kaleidoscope It consists of eight episodes spanning from 24 years before the robbery to 6 months after.

The compelling crime anthology series takes a non-linear approach to storytelling, uniquely building intrigue and suspense, with each Netflix member having a different immersive viewing experience. Some members may start with certain episodes (such as the “Yellow” or “Green” episodes), and then move deeper into the personal show order with different episodes (“Blue”, “Purple”, or “Orange”, followed by “Red” or “Pink”). Until the epic “White: The Heist” story finale.

All viewers will eventually see all of the episodes, but the order in which they watch the episodes will affect their view of the story, characters, and questions and answers at the heart of the heist. How will you test colors? kaleidoscope?


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