As Law and Order: SVU’s Benson Becomes a Target, Actor Maurice Combet Replays ‘Conflict’ With Duarte at Winter Premiere

Law & Order: SVU The year 2022 ended with saying Goodbye to longtime series regular Kelli Giddish As Detective Amanda Rollins, you’ll kick off the new year with what will be the dangerous winter premiere of Captain Benson. A gang will target her, which means bringing in Captain Duarte from the Bronx gang unit. Maurice Comptey, who first appeared as Duarte earlier in Season 24, spoke with CinemaBlend about the episode and the conflict on the road with Benson.

According to NBC’s episode description, Benson will become the target of a ruthless mob boss; Based on promoYou may face BX9’s revenge for the special victims who put some gang members behind bars for rape back in the fall. The case brought Duarte out of the Bronx gang unit, and he and Benson got off on the wrong foot. He wanted to grant immunity to the rapists in hopes of obtaining evidence against their evil gang leader; Benson’s focus was on getting justice for the rape victim.

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