Cher and Alexander Edwards get engaged even though friends have expressed concern

share She is seen wearing a large diamond ring that belonged to her beau Alexander “AE” Edwards, And insiders confirmed that the 76-year-old icon is now engaged to the 36-year-old music entrepreneur.

Cher had been expressing her desire to marry Edwards for several weeks. The gorgeous pear-shaped diamond was featured in a recent tweet she posted with the words, “No words, Alexander, E.”

to me“Cher is so in love. She hasn’t felt this way in decades and at her age she never thought she would feel this way again!”

the diamond pro Executive Director, Mike Fried Cher’s new ring is valued at $250,000. “He bought the ring with his own money,” said one of their sources. He also said that they were allegedly planning to escape.

“The wedding will be cheap because they are planning an elopement. After their marriage, I could see them throwing a big expensive Hollywood party – but the wedding itself will be simple,” the source said.

Did Cher fall in love again?

Cher has stated that her relationship with her “amazing” boyfriend is “amazing” after going through her divorces Sonny Bono And the Gregg Allman As well as many failed relationships.

However, experts also revealed that Cher was deeply affected by the tragic death of her beloved mother, Georgia Holt. The singer admitted to having “a few tears” after realizing she couldn’t show her late mother her new ring!

A friend revealed to Radaronline, “Cher faces her own death and wants to enjoy every moment that leaves her. She never cared what other people say and knows that the 40-year age difference will upset everyone – including her family. But that hasn’t stopped her before – and it won’t stop her.” right Now! “

Cher’s engagement comes despite advice from close friends to end her relationship with Edwards.


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