Hannibal Star “Has No Idea” Fans Will React Strongly To This Relationship

In some movies or TV shows, those responsible for bringing such projects to life know immediately that their chemistry will resonate with audiences, but just in case… HannibalThe Relationship Between Hannibal Lecter and Will Graham Star Hugh Dancy says he and co-star Mads Mikkelsen were unaware of how their relationship would affect fans. Even if he’s not familiar with the ways fans interpret their relationship, he also admitted that he feels viewers’ explanations are just as valid as anything he thought about the characters’ dynamic at the time.

“I don’t think I fully understood the power of the internet, in that regard, and in terms of the fanbase. We weren’t at the forefront of it, but that wasn’t part of the conversation… I don’t think you ever know a show would bring that up, in one person, let alone A community of people would be a self-contained community like that. So, no, I had no idea,” Dancy shared with collider. “When we were doing any kind of press, or things with the public and fans, they started showing us their art, and it’s incredibly moving and sometimes very disturbing to see yourself in these pictures.”

And he continued, “Go, ‘Okay, that’s what I took from this. I’m touched, but please don’t show me that again. And also, the other thing that happens, and it’s pretty cool, is your own experience of making your way through that story where you’ve tried to create a character who actually becomes more invalid than anyone else’s. The people who’ve watched it and for them, honestly at this point They were probably more important in their lives than mine—and I don’t mean that in a dismissive way, at all, I just think it’s the truth—they had the power of feeling and commitment to what was the relationship between those characters.”

The dynamic between Will and Hannibal begins in a relatively conventional fashion, with Will seeking psychic guidance from Hannibal, only for their murderous tendencies to directly intertwine with each other, as well as their romantic passions. In the Season 3 finale, which would go on to serve as the series finale, Will and Hannibal embraced each other physically, but failed to reaffirm their romantic feelings. Later, even series creator Brian Fuller regretted not including a kiss in the finale.

“They were destined to be lovers, for example, or they were disappointed not to admit it because they clearly wanted to be lovers, or whatever that might be,” the actor elaborated. “You can just step back and say, ‘I fully acknowledge the validity of your opinion, as long as you recognize the validity of everyone else.’ I was amazed and really loved the democratization of everything.”

Stay tuned for details on possible future updates Hannibal franchise.

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