Jin Shah was hit with hot water by a woman who was given a restraining order before sentencing

a A woman who told authorities about a restraining order she previously placed against the reality star could result in a heavier sentence Jin ShahAnd the plaintiffs want the judge to take it into account.

A woman obtained a restraining order in 2019 alleging she had issues with her… “Housewives of Salt Lake City” an actress. spp. in Jin Federal fraud case I just submitted new documents this week asking the court to take that into account.

The government claims the woman wrote them a letter, and they are now asking a judge to verify her account of their conversation.

Prosecutors want to make sure the judge hears what the woman said before Jane’s court hearing Friday because they believe it is similar to how JS interacts with others.

They believe the woman’s testimony will support what they assert they learned about Jane’s character during these operations, in other words, and prosecutors seem hopeful that this will lead to a harsher sentence.

As to what this unidentified woman is alleging, it is a story that stretches back more than 4 years, when she claims that JS stalked and harassed her.

What do the documents say?

The records, which were initially kept in Nevada, describe an alleged tryst between her husband and Jane that turned violent when the lady revealed photos of their texts to Jane.

According to the woman, when Jane tried to confront her, she was ignored. This allegedly angered Jane so much that she drove across state lines to try to see the woman in person. She claims that Jane arrived at her door around 2:30 in the morning.

She claims that after the police were called, the woman’s TRO was eventually approved. What happened next is unclear, but it appears prosecutors want the judge to hear about the matter before deciding how many years Shah will serve in the fraud case.



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