More details about Jeremy Renner’s snow shoveling accident have been revealed, including his chest collapsing

Unfortunately, Jeremy Renner has had 2023 In the hospital recovering from multiple injuries As a result of a snow shoveling accident during a Reno, Nevada winter storm. The last we know about the events the Marvel actor experienced on New Year’s Day comes via a 911 call that was said to have been placed just minutes after he was run over by Sno-cat. The log reveals more details about Renner’s injuries.

According to the 911 emergency log from Jeremy Renner’s accident site (trans TMZ), when making the call, hook The star was heard “groaning” in the background of the call and immediately suffered severe bleeding from his head and other parts of his body. The most telling information from the log notes was that his chest had apparently “collapsed,” his upper torso had been “crushed” by the 14,000-pound vehicle, and he was struggling to breathe.

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