Silent Hill 2 Remake developer reveals how he convinced Konami to make the game

The developer behind silent hill 2 Remake revealed how you’re given the task of reviving the iconic horror game for a new generation. Silent Hill is one of gaming’s greatest horror franchises, so much so that it has managed to cross over into fairly decent movies. However, despite being a huge deal in the 2000s, it faded as Konami seemed less interested in AAA video game releases during the last generation. However, that appears to be changing as there is a lot of Silent Hill content coming over the next few years.

One of those projects is silent hill 2 A remake from Bloober Team, a developer who didn’t work on the original version, but has made other horror games like Blair Witch And the average. Since it’s not owned by Konami or anything like that, they had to work to earn the privilege of working on this remake. when Talk to DreadXP (via VGC), Anna Jacieska, Bloober’s chief marketing officer, had to compete directly with other studios to work on silent hill 2 remake. The studio was invited by Konami to attend the Tokyo Game Show in 2019 with a demo and concept to rework the game. Konami was happy with the pitch and the rest is history, but it did mean that the studio was starting to feel the pressure of taking on such a massive project.

“The idea of ​​working on this project haunted us for many years, and in 2019 we received an invitation from Konami to participate in the Tokyo Game Show,” said Jasiska. We are pleased that Konami asked us to prepare a concept for a remake of the original game in exchange for the chance to bring the concept to life. Of course, we weren’t the only contenders. Many other studios were vying for the collaboration as well, but in the end, our concept was the one. That stole Konami’s heart. They recognized our commitment and passion for horror, and that alone was a huge differentiator for us. Our company was shocked when we received this heartwarming information because so many of the Bloober Team staff are huge fans of the title. For the scare, yeah, the pressure is high because we’re dealing with one of the “Best psychological horror game ever made. We want to get as close to the original game as we are going to put it in the spotlight for years to come.”

Only time will tell how silent hill 2 Remake show. Team Bloober has been criticized in the past for how it handles topics like trauma, which has led to all kinds of controversy. Given that this is located in the center silent hill 2many are waiting to see how the studio handles such big topics.

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