Some of the Bengals debated not playing Week 18 versus the Ravens

Boro made it clear that not the entire team had this discussion but that the locker room would likely be divided over the idea. He added that he wanted to play, but he understood the other side.

Joe Burrow says some of the Bengals have discussed not playing Sunday versus the Ravens

Great emphasis has been placed on Hamlin’s health and recovery following the horrific incident on the field. At the same time, though, Aaron Rodgers and many others discussed the player mental health implications for both the Bills and Bengals of seeing a peer suffer such a serious incident on the field.

Thus, it is quite understandable why some Cincinnati players would not fully recover from Monday night mentally in order to play another football game on Sunday.

It still looks as if nothing will change about the Bengals playing the Ravens in Week 18, but it’s another example of the widespread impact Hamlin’s injury had on the NFL as a whole, but specifically the teams that were on the field in Cincinnati.

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