Trump failed to impress McCarthy strongholds as the House of Representatives found itself without a speaker

asupport for Kevin McCarthy Campaigning for Speaker of the House continued to wane after six votes were cast over two days, and a group of former conservative rebels snubbed President Donald Trumps supported by the state of California on Wednesday. Florida representative Matt Gaetz He called it “sad!”

Despite the fact that the majority of the 20 opponents were closely associated with the 76-year-old Trump Make America Great AgainMcCarthy received no votes in response to the 76-year-old’s attempt to intervene.

After three additional inconclusive votes Tuesday and three more on Wednesday, the a house Rest until 8 p.m

On the second day of voting, only McCarthy was allowed to lose Five Republican votesbut instead lost 20 to Florida Byron Donalds.

Next Victoria Spartz (R-Ind.) The decision to vote “present” On the fourth ballot, McCarthy received only 201 votes, meaning that Representatives remained “elected representatives” because they had not yet been sworn in due to a leadership crisis.

Unsuccessfully, Trump called some of McCarthy’s opponents overnight and offered him fresh support social truth Wednesday morning platform. Trump is running for president for a second, non-consecutive term in 2024.

“Had some really good conversations last night, and now it’s time for all the senior House Republicans to vote for Kevin,” Trump wrote, adding, “Kevin McCarthy is going to do a good job, maybe even a great job – just watch!”

McCarthy does not get the necessary support

McCarthy’s opponents publicly opposed Trump’s choice to succeed the Democrat Nancy Pelosipointing to McCarthy’s past support for massive spending deals and their desire to increase the influence of some lawmakers.

Supporting McCarthy is the worst human resources decision President Trump has ever made, according to Gaetz, a member of the group known as “Never Kevin.” sad!”

on the floor of the house, Representative-elect Lauren Boebert (R-Col.) Trump, the former Republican kingmaker, contradicted himself while arguing in support of Donalds.

“Let’s stop smear campaigns and their tactics to get people to turn on us, even after my favorite boss calls us and tells us we need to repeal this,” Bubert said before the fifth ballot.



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