Fire Emblem Engage: Best characters, ranked

Each installment in the Fire Emblem series is filled with dozens of unique playable characters. Fire Emblem Engage contains just over 35 main units, 12 characters from previous games return as Emblems, and a slew of other characters from previous titles appear as Rings.

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Emblem and Ring characters operate very differently from the main characters. This list will focus on 15 of the best characters from the main playable cast.

~ Spoiler alert: This list contains late game units! ~


15 Jan

Jean is one of the first optional recruits in the game. It can be obtained from the Paralogues quest that takes place in the Tea-Filled Village. Recruiting Jean requires talking to him before defeating all enemies in the village.

He is the son of a local doctor and would like to travel the world helping people. He is ambitious and kind-hearted. Jean is an excellent ally in the first match because he is able to heal.

14 Kagetsu

Fire Emblem clashed Kagetsu

Kagetsu is Ivy’s maid, and joins the party at the same time as him. He doesn’t play a big role in the story, but he’s a very powerful ally. Kagetsu starts at Swordmaster class, which means he has access to all S-tier swords the player encounters.

Kagetsu is always looking for ways to hone his skills, is a great party goer, and loves food from his homeland. Although he starts out as a villain, he is quick to accept others.

13 Alfred

Fire Emblem Engage Alfred

Alfred is the Prince of Viren, and one of the first characters to appear in the story. He represents his nobility well by being a kind leader who is sympathetic to others.

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Alfred fights with a spear and rides a horse. This makes for a fairly useful unit in the first half of the game before more powerful units become available.

12 fugado

Fire Emblem Fogado engagement

Fugado is the prince of another kingdom. His sister is the Crown Princess, so he is not bound by royal duties. Fugado ventured out several times to defeat before eventually joining the player’s party.

He is an extrovert who enjoys nature, parties and other people. He always goes into battle on horseback and fights at a distance with a bow.

11 Celine

Fire Emblem Engage Celine

Celine is a cute princess who loves tea and nature but hates war and being overly positive. Her advanced classes allow her to use swords, offensive magic, and defensive magic.

She is the first character on this list to come with an emblem in the main story. Celica joined her. When combined with Celica, she can teleport around the map to attack enemies.

10 I am

Fire Emblem Engage Anna

Anna is a recurring character in the Fire Emblem series. Its incarnation is always a merchant. Awakening was the first title to make it playable, and its playable status returned again in Engage.

She’s a young thief trying to steal treasure from bandits in an optional Paralogues mission. She will join the heroes permanently if the player speaks to her after releasing her from a chest.

9 hortensia

Fire Emblem Hortensia engagement

Hortensia is the villain for a fair part of the Engage story. She is a president who uses several different slogans during her various meetings. Eventually, her sister Ivy convinced her to change her mind. Its development is short but memorable.

She brought Emblem Byleth with her on the side of good. Hortensia loves all things cute and fights from above with her trusty Pegasus.

8 The master

Fire Emblem Engage Seadall

Dancers are a very useful class because they are basically able to pass their turn on to an allied unit that has already used their turn. Seadall is the only character in the game who is a dancer by default.

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The party first saw him when he was attacked by Corrupt, but Emblem Corrin helps him fight them off. The map he provides and the next several are well designed around Corinne’s ability to create ice.

7 yonaka

Fire Emblem Yunaka grappled

At first, Yunaka was just a common thief who stole Emblem Micaiah from Firene. Later, she changed her position. Yunaka helps the party recover Micah. Micaiah allows Yunaka to use some of the most powerful healing magic in the game.

A killer at heart, she loves poison, weapons, and hiding in the shadows. However, this does not mean that she is cold. Yunaka wants to make a good impression on her new teammates.

6 Diamant

Fire Emblem Engage Diamant

Diamant begins the game as crown prince of Brodia, but eventually becomes its king. He is a strong-willed leader who wants to protect his homeland and avenge what was taken from it.

He still enjoys his peace. Doing activities alone brings him more happiness than being around large groups of others. Emblem Roy was introduced around the same time. It gives Diamant the ability to set multiple files on fire in a single attack.

5 ivy

Fire Emblem involve Ivy

One of the first villains to change traits is Ivy after realizing her father was just using her. She fights with magic, rides on the back of a wyvern, and comes with Emblem Lyn. Fusing with Lin allows her to snipe enemies from a very long distance.

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Ivy mostly likes to keep to herself. She hates parties, loud noises, ghost stories, and bugs. Ivy helps convince her sister and thus several other characters to fight her father.

4 Timera

Fire Emblem Timemera Clash

Crown Prince Suleiman is no easy task. She is an outgoing, free-spirited and strong personality. She loves camping, freedom and meat. Her dislikes include cleaning, fairy tales, and being told what she can’t do.

Timemera comes with Ike, who is said to be one of the most powerful logos in the story. She usually only fights with a spear, but Ike gives her access to a very powerful hammer, axe, and sword. Ike’s Laguz Friend skill makes her take half the damage from all enemies.

3 Elephant

fire emblem engaging white haired elephant firl dragon

Veyle is a very mysterious character for most of the game. Like Aliar, she is an ancient dragon. She is a very kind person, but she has been abused by many people around her. She becomes mind controlled several times, but eventually breaks free and fights back against her abusers.

The default Veyle class weapons are daggers and cleavers. She has a special skill that causes nearby allies to take a little more damage, while also receiving a little less. Her class skill also fills the interaction gauge by 1 at the start of each turn.

2 Aliar/protagonist

Fire Emblem Engaging Alear male and female protagonist official art

Like most heroes, Alear is at the center of the game’s story. They had two unique classes based on their role as a Divine Dragon. Alear’s sword skills aren’t particularly the best, but there are a few factors that make them a very powerful unit.

Engage+ is a mechanic that only Alear has access to. It allows them to deal with an ally and themselves at the same time, even if their ally does not have a full interaction meter.

1 Rosado

Fire Emblem Rosado Clash

Rosado is a knight and wyvern who fought alongside Hortesia before their beloved gang changed hands. He seems to be spreading joy all over the world by painting beautiful landscape art. He is among the most colorful and lively characters in the game.

Rosado fights using swords and axes. He was the first person to use the Sacred Stones logo, which is the only logo that hosts two souls in the base game. This effectively gives it two emblems in one; Erica and Ephraim. They both have very special skills.

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